Nurture Your Child’s Natural Curiosity & Urge to Learn in Your Own Backyard by Pam McCormick

Nurture Your Child’s Natural Curiosity & Urge to Learn in Your Own Backyard

Within your own backyard is a world of opportunity. You can discover new things that aren’t necessarily obvious to the human eye. Be an explorer! Walk off the path. Peek under rocks. Find a wildflower. Look for “fairy houses” or other interesting objects – the possibilities are endless. Continue the fun after your exploration! 

  • Collect rocks, leaves, anything that moves you or your child. Keep them in a secret “nature box” that you can hide outside to add more to later. You could even start a small nature journal of your findings to place in your box.
  • Take a photo of items you find and look them up online to learn more about your discoveries. You can turn your outdoor expedition into a learning opportunity, with movement and quality time.

Just a few steps away from your home, there is an adventure to be had…

What will YOU find?

Donna John
What a great tip, Pam McCormick! You gave me a great idea for my almost-4-year-old grandson. I'm going to buy a few small garden fairies (or whatever I can find) and hide them before he comes over each time. Hopefully it'll become a tradition and something he looks forward to doing when he comes over. Love how you added learning into the mix. Really great ideas!
Pam McCormick
Thank you! P.S. A "treasure hunt" adventure with you and your grandson will create life long memories! Love it!
Christine Jones
I love this! What a great way to add a dash of play into everyday.
Pam McCormick
Thanks. I agree that we ALL need to "play" a little...EVERY day! :)
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Such a perfect and timely tip, with schools around the country finishing up for the year, Pam McCormick! xoxo
Pam McCormick
Thank you! I still can't believe that my kids will be out of school after their half day TOMORROW! :-)
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....

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