Be Grateful for YOU: Here's How & Why to Write a Self-Love Letter Mindfulness

That moment when you're decluttering and you find something nostalgic that you had forgotten about; makes you smile, right? Well, here's a way to get that feeling with intention! Sit down and write yourself a letter.

  • Don't be shy! With an attitude of gratitude, tell yourself everything that you love about you as if you're writing to someone you adore who may forget sometimes.
  • Be specific. This person may need help realizing how appreciated they are and why. Mention any and everything that may have been overlooked throughout your life.
  • Seal the letter and hide it.

One day you will find this declaration of admiration when you need it most. You will then be responsible for putting a huge smile on your own face – or maybe the face of a loved one (after you've gone) adding one more beautiful thing to your legacy.

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Comments (5)

Elisa Schmitz
This is a beautiful idea, Joani Plenty . I want to do this! ❤️
Joan Poindexter
Thanks! Let me know how you felt after writing it! 😉
Lovely idea 🙏
Donna John
Such a wonderful idea, Joani Plenty .
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