Going Through Tough Times? Here's Something You Need to Remember! by Gail Harris

6 years ago

Going Through Tough Times? Here's Something You Need to Remember!

A few years ago, our family went through real challenges. My husband was laid off, I wasn’t earning much at the time, and it put a strain on our marriage. Our son picked up on the vibes and had tantrums and needed a lot of reassurance about everything. I cried, and was angry and, at times, had a hard time seeing the forest from the tress. 

But all is well again. My husband has a great job, my second book was published and our son is thriving. A good reminder during those tough times is to say to yourself, "This too shall pass.” And believe it, because it always does!

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Stephanie Cannoe
I couldn't agree more!
Good energy, thank you.

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