Play It Safe: Park & Playground Safety Checklist for Parents! by Dr. Bridget Boyd

2 years ago
Play It Safe: Park & Playground Safety Checklist for Parents!

Playgrounds and parks are so much fun for kids and parents. But when choosing which playground to take your child to, make sure you go over this safety checklist first. 

  • Under-surfaces should be absorbent and made of material like wood chips or sand, not grass or cement. 
  • Playground equipment should be no higher than 5 to 6 feet off the ground. 
  • Be especially careful with backyard playsets, and make sure they don’t have any strangulation hazards. 

Play safe – and have fun!

Mike Prochaska
Don't be too careful children need danger play too
Deepika Vinoth
A safe playground provides ample opportunities for a child’s learning and development. These safety tips can ensure that your child remains unhurt on the playground.

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