Want to Be Healthier? Here's What to Eliminate From Your Diet Now! by Dr. Lynn Gettleman-Chehab

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4 years ago
Want to Be Healthier? Here's What to Eliminate From Your Diet Now!

Want to keep a healthy weight and fight obesity? Get rid of sugared drinks! They’re sources of calories (16 ounces of soda is 200 calories!), and our brains don’t register calories we drink the same way they do calories we eat. When we eat, we feel fuller, which doesn’t happen when we drink. Studies show that people lose weight or maintain a healthier weight by cutting out sugared beverages. Get rid of: 

  • regular soda
  • sports drinks
  • chocolate milk
  • concentrated juices
  • sweetened iced teas
  • yogurt drinks
  • sugar powder mixes

Replace with water, unsweetened flavored sparkling water or milk!

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