​Wishing for Relief From Life’s Chaos? Why Kindness Is Your God Power by Diana Cole

2 years ago

​Wishing for Relief From Life’s Chaos? Why Kindness Is Your God Power

The more I work with people, the more I see that the desire for relief is almost always a part of why they come to me. They want relief from feeling stuck, relief from holding back in their life, relief from worry, relief from fear, relief from pain. I understand this so well. I now believe that true relief is achieved through kindness, approaching ourselves and others from a place of emotional generosity.

Here are five tips on how to shift your experience of life through practicing kindness:

  1. When you have a bad feeling, stop. Stop the discussion. Stop the activity. Stop the internal dialogue you’re having. Simply stop. When you’re ready, assess what is going on that doesn’t feel good, then give yourself permission to clear your path to a more positive life. The only way to begin anew is to stop negative words and negative thoughts, then eliminate negative activities and associations that foster negativity.
  2. Be an influencer of positivity. Inspire others; teach them by example. Become an Earth angel whose new default mod is treating yourself and others with kindness and dignity – especially in conditions that easily invite negativity. As a positive participator, you become a teacher.
  3. Take notice of what inspires you throughout your day. You can find inspiration in making dinner, or driving your kids to school, or in the way you communicate with your work colleagues. Every action, every movement, is worthy of celebration and can therefore spark inspiration. Cycles of inspiration are contagious!
  4. Don’t buy into the lie that you are insignificant. Do not give in to the mistaken belief that you can fly under the radar, living a life where your presence goes undetected, as if it is of little consequence. What you think, do, and feel matters more than you can fully comprehend from your current vantage point. When you start to feel good about everyday doings, the people around you feel better in your space. As you live in a field of inspiration more and more, you spark cycles of positivity for yourself and others by being an example of the power of positive thought.
  5. Clear worry from your thought process. Worry is a belief in the negative, or the welcoming of a negative outcome. Make a list of all the things you are worried about. After reading each one, you may realize that most of your worries are not based on real conditions or real probabilities. They are largely imagined, and can only be cleared by thinking about them differently. Restate each worry in a positive tone and let each one fall away. Notice how the light of your own kindness shifts those points of concern and fear.

Kindness is your God power. Practice it. Prioritize it. Choose kindness, even when it would seem easier not to. As you lighten your load, consciously releasing negative thoughts, you will discover that you are able to:

  • Imagine more and worry less.
  • Enjoy more and fear less.
  • Connect with others more and protect yourself less.
  • Love more and judge less.

What a joyous relief this will be for you!

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Elisa Schmitz
What a beautiful post, Diana Cole . I love the thought that kindness is our God power. I will keep that close to my heart, thank you.
Kindness matters, always. 🙏🏼
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....

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