Giving & Receiving Happiness: Simple Ways to Boost the Happiness In Your Life by Dr. Melanie Dean

23 days ago

Giving & Receiving Happiness: Simple Ways to Boost the Happiness In Your Life

Send happiness and you will receive happiness. When you are near other people your body automatically sends your emotion molecules to them and they send theirs to you. So, if you are sending hopeful happy feelings, they will be happier and automatically send that back to you.

For example, research shows that if you are near someone who has just watched a video of something disgusting, that your own face will likely twist in disgust. Conversely, if you are with someone who just watched funny videos, you will mostly likely smile, even without knowing why. Without saying a word, your emotions automatically communicate to others and theirs to you, via pheromone molecules. Yes, those very same pheromone molecules that people discuss when speaking about sex. So the question is, are you sharing and receiving molecules that make you happy?

Anytime you have a feeling your body automatically creates molecules of your emotion, such as oxytocin when you have happy caring emotions or adrenaline when you are feeling worried or fearful. Your body automatically sends these pheromone molecules to others and they react to it by, for example, wanting to come closer to you to share in your happiness or move further away from you to be out of danger of your fear or anger.

Let’s say that you are with some friends, but you are upset and worried about something in your life. You likely want to feel their caring and support, but your feelings of worry and anxiety automatically send molecules of fear and danger to them, likely pushing them further away from you rather than bringing them closer with loving support.

How can you send and receive happiness when you feel anxious or fearful? The key is add appreciation to the mix. You likely feel appreciation and happiness for the friends you have that care about you. Get in touch with those positive feelings toward them and then receive the happy support they have to share with you in return. Here are two steps for boosting happiness in your life:

  • Be aware of what you are feeling in the moment. Being mindful will allow you to know when to make a slight shift so that you can send more of what you want to receive.
  • Bring to mind something that you really appreciate about the people you are with. Feeling something positive about others automatically helps them feel positive and supportive of you in return.

Know that as you have caring appreciative feelings about others, they will want to be closer to you and thus you get more of that in return. Feel the happiness!

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Very thoughtful and hopeful! 🙏🏼
Elisa Schmitz
"If you are sending hopeful happy feelings, they will be happier and automatically send that back to you." Wonderful perspective and so true. Thank you for sharing the happiness, Dr. Melanie Dean !

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