Can Music Make You Healthier? Sound Healing Is a Unique Approach to Improve Mental, Physical & Emotional Health by Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D

3 years ago

Can Music Make You Healthier? Sound Healing Is a Unique Approach to Improve Mental, Physical & Emotional Health

We've all experienced the healing power of music. It can perk us up when our favorite song comes on the radio and it can provide comfort when we are sad. Music is a medium that connects us all. We use it for entertainment, communication, comfort and celebration. Music is ingrained into our evolutionary development, so it's no surprise why so many people are now turning to "sound healing" to improve health.

Music and sound can affect your brain and body in more ways than you may realize. Sound healing is an ancient practice that is used to:

Sound healing is also known to:

There are different types of sound healing including vibrational therapy, a method that uses vibrations from gongs and tuning forks to relax the mind and body. One of the most popular methods today is binaural beats, also known as brainwave entrainment or braintapping. This method uses auditory stimulation to synchronize and balance brainwaves so they align to the frequency of the beat.

Digital medicine in the form of sound healing is quickly becoming a go-to solution for enriching patient care. As more research results are published, sound therapy will become an essential part of healing protocols.

Sound healers say the healing effects occur because the body relaxes and blood pressure is lowered, which improves circulation and respiratory rates. It stabilizes the limbic system which is involved in motivation, emotion, learning and memory. The body is calmed, breathing becomes rhythmic and the muscles relax. Though more research is needed, sound healing has been used to treat symptoms of a number of conditions, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, dementia, autism and learning difficulties, behavioral and psychiatric disorders, and more.

With its ability to calm and relax, sound therapy helps the body stay stress-free so it can heal at an appropriate rate.

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Elisa Schmitz
I'm fascinated by the idea of sound therapy. I love listening to meditations, both music and guided meditations. Thank you for sharing these insights, Dr. Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D !
How cool is this. 👍

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