A Peaceful & Present New Year: How to Feel Less Stressed About New Year's Resolutions by Kandice Cole

7 months ago
A Peaceful & Present New Year: How to Feel Less Stressed About New Year's Resolutions

If you are getting stressed out or overwhelmed thinking about all your goals, plans and intentions for 2022, take a moment to pause. Take a nap. Walk outside. Be still. Cry if you need to.

Then remember that you are human. You will be crystal clear about some of your goals come January 1. For other goals, you will feel less clear and that is OK. Defining goals takes time and requires you to have new experiences, new thoughts and new opportunities in order to find the clarity you most seek. Being present with each day of this new year is a worthwhile goal while you figure everything out.

Don't get so focused on controlling an entire 365 days that you forget to actually live it. Remember, the upcoming year will require you to flow with the unexpected. Allow 2021 some space to unravel unexpected goodness in your life.

Here's to a peaceful and present new year.

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Kandice Cole
Thanks for encouraging me to submit!
Helps so much, thank you. 💗
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
This is spot on, Kandice Cole ! Thank you for the excellent insight to kick off the New Year. Wishing you a great one. We appreciate all you share with us!

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