Curiosity in Adulthood: How to Make Curiosity a Daily Habit & Feel More Alive by Stephanie Cannoe

4 years ago

Curiosity in Adulthood: How to Make Curiosity a Daily Habit & Feel More Alive

At my organization, we have a mindfulness community and they offer 20-minute guided mindfulness meditations three days a week. Recently, during a drop-in practice session, I was struck by an invitation to explore the energy of curiosity, and I wondered what else I might learn if I extended this practice to a week, instead of just during this mindfulness session.

If you’re motivated to switch up your current routines, I’d invite you to try this practice for a week or more and observe what you learn. Try these questions as a jumping off point, but allow your inner guidance to take you further: 

  • What is curiosity like?
  • How is curiosity making itself known?
  • What would it be like to keep this curious energy when you are facing a new situation?
  • How might a curious open heart influence your experience of not knowing?

My experience was revealing. For example, on my regular nature walk I noticed a path that was just off to the left, which never stood out to me before and I’ve walked this trail for more than a decade! Instead of just continuing along my route, I was curious and this energy took me out of my daily default, which is to listen to my own inner dialogue. Quite literally I would "pass by" what was happening around me. Curiosity helped me to see more than what was right in front of my eyes and, not coincidentally, this awareness required me to tune into my heart. 

Also, an evident shift occurred and I was noticeably more connected to the subtle energies emanating all around me. I felt open and grounded in my being and I was clear. I stopped along the trial and stood still absorbing everything for a moment, and it only took a moment to do. The greatest gift is that by simply being we can experience life and feel more alive. Kids are a great example of this joy and their enthusiasm for life is contagious.

I can’t wait to see where curiosity might take me next. I’ve found that the intention to remain curious and to have an open heart has helped me to experience everything in a new light, and this skill has opened new doors and possibilities. The truth is, remaining curious is the reward in itself, and it is a practice that I hope to make a new daily habit!

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Elisa Schmitz
"The truth is, remaining curious is the reward in itself..." How awesome is that. Great perspective, Stephanie Cannoe . Thank you for inspiring me yet again!
Stephanie Cannoe
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds Thank you for creating this community where I have the opportunity to share! You have inspired me.
Mike Prochaska
Love this it what keeps life exciting
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing.....
Alan Black [inactive]
You have helped me to keep my faith in the future, thank you very much
Stephanie Cannoe
Alan Black I'm humbled and touched that my words helped you to keep faith in the future. That means a lot to hear. Thank you for sharing.

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