Smoothies for Weight Loss: A Case for Green Smoothies From Someone Who Hates Green Vegetables by Marina Smith

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10 months ago
Smoothies for Weight Loss: A Case for Green Smoothies From Someone Who Hates Green Vegetables

If you are starting your eating-healthy journey, consider a smoothie. If you are like me and not eating right, mostly in the evening (skipping two meals) and often eating unhealthy food, this tip may be for you! I thought eating healthy was going to be painful transition. I was wrong. My strategy is: you can't change overnight, so make changes gradually.

First, start having breakfast. If you are never hungry in the a.m. or trying to change what you eat, drinking your breakfast may work better for you. For me the most painful part of this was to find some healthy smoothie recipes and shop for the ingredients. Some of the veggies that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole were now on the list. Avocado and celery? Gasp! But I gave it a go.

I closed my eyes and took a sip of the spinach/banana/avocado/almond milk smoothie and it was delicious. I finished my glass without struggle. I enjoyed it and on my first day I felt a slight boost of energy. The next day I was looking forward to my breakfast and got a significant energy boost. On day three I was hooked.

I still have to make more changes, but I got a healthy and easy start to eating better and I no longer dread it. Maybe it will work for you, too.

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Donna John
You sound just like me. I'll go all day and not eat a thing, then overeat at dinner. My daughters swear by smoothies. May have to try it. If you find some good recipes, please submit for our Food channel!
Marina Smith
Donna I hear you and yes that does sound like we have that in common. Will do, I already have a favorite green smoothies recipe, I am not sure how do I post to a food channel. I am very new on here.
Donna John
Marina Smith , you submit recipes the same way you submit your other tips. If you have any questions, email me at
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I love green smoothies! I went through a phase where I literally had one every single day. Great way to add nutrition tastily, Marina Smith !

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