Don't Let Your Emotions Hold You Hostage: Here Are 2 Easy Ways to Set Yourself Free by Jennifer Coken

4 years ago

Don't Let Your Emotions Hold You Hostage: Here Are 2 Easy Ways to Set Yourself Free

Have you ever allowed your emotions to hold you hostage? I have and it ain’t pretty. I stopped speaking to some friends for about a year after we got into an argument. We had attempted a few times to try to sort things out but we hadn't quite "gotten there" yet. Then they invited me to their new home. I wanted to go but I dreaded the tension I knew would be there when we spent time together.

But I missed their friendship. So, I said yes. Then I did these two little, but not insignificant, things. Truth be told I couldn't remember what the heck we got so heated about, but I was still upset.

  • I let go of taking what happened personally.
  • I let go of my righteous indignation. 

Being righteously indignant had cost me missing out on holidays, birthdays, hearing about their lives and sharing about my own. This happens to all of us in both our personal and professional lives. Remember, what other people say and do is their journey. How you respond is your own.

"Response-ability" = you having the ability to choose your response to any situation.

You've got the power!

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
This is SO GOOD, Jennifer Coken . You are right on. Let it go. Don't take things so personally. You are in control of your response and your emotions. Thank you for sharing this story to clearly illustrate these important points that are key to self-care!
Jennifer Coken
Thank you. Sometimes easier said than done, right?

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