It's Time to Dream: When You Wake Up & Realize You Grew Up Too Fast by Egan Patricia

a month ago
It's Time to Dream: When You Wake Up & Realize You Grew Up Too Fast

I feel we are stuck in a time warp, worried about aging, worried about time. Not stopping to enjoy the little things life gives. Dreams fade away too soon and are replaced by the worries of life. Fairy tales end and warp into a reality of what they truly mean. 

We don’t allow kids to stay young, and we as adults don’t feel we can turn to those fairy tales that allowed us to dream for fear of being judged. So, I felt that maybe we could all use a small reminder that age is just a number and it doesn’t define who we should be or what we can believe.

“To those still young enough to believe,
Allow them the freedom to dream.
For those who grew old too soon,
Bring them a fairy tale they have yet to see.
Let us, together, help rescue each other.”

If you gave yourself time to dream, what would you dream of? How would you arrive to that destination of imagined thought?

This is a great time to do just that ... dream.

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
"Dreams fade away too soon and are replaced by the worries of life." So true, Egan Patricia . Why do we want to grow up so fast and lost the magic of childhood? It's precious. These days, I dream about my kids finding happiness. This generation seems so anxiety-filled and I wish for them to feel some of the carefree joy I felt when I was their age. Yes, life was hard, but we also knew how to find joy in the every day. That is my wish for them today. Thank you for making me stop to think about it. We do need to rescue each other.
Kristan Wager
Love this. We DO forget to dream. Thanks for the reminder that it is not too late!

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