Facing Down 50: How Not to Have a Mid-Life Crisis When Turning the Big 5-0! by Kristan Wager

5 years ago

Facing Down 50: How Not to Have a Mid-Life Crisis When Turning the Big 5-0!

50. I don't care if "50 is the new 40," I am just not a fan of that number. That being said, though, I have decided to face my fears head on and embrace turning 50 next March. But how? How do I learn to love a slower metabolism, gray hairs appearing overnight, mysterious pounds appearing immediately after consuming .003 grams of sugar?

I have decided to take a multi-faceted approach that applies to anytime life gives me more than I want to handle:

  • Celebrate the good things. Enjoy family, friends, sunrises, sunsets, laughter.
  • Tackle the hard things. "Choose Fit" is my mantra for combating mid-life physical changes.
  • Embrace new things. Bucket list items to tackle include skydiving and opening a coffee house.
  • Ditch useless things. Cleaning out the clutter of my home so that I am free of the burden of things.
  • Meditate on the blessings. Faith is the constant in my life. Now to deliberately treasure the blessings.

Here's looking at you 50! We have a lot to celebrate together!

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Great attitude!! 👍
Barbara Tennant
Love this and believe the same is true for 70! Celebrate something every day!
Jessica Acree
I love this! It's the little things and our attitude that make the biggest impact... plenty of time to lock it in before March rolls around! And we'll be right there with you! <3 Working on many of these myself, always!
Elisa Schmitz
Yes to embracing and meditating! We have to roll with it and enjoy life, no matter the age or stage. Thanks for this wonderful perspective, Kristan Wager ! ❤️
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing.....

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