When Your Child Is First Diagnosed With Autism: How to Begin Helping Autistic Children by Brian King

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5 years ago

When Your Child Is First Diagnosed With Autism: How to Begin Helping Autistic Children

I was asked to offer advice to a dad whose son was recently diagnosed with autism. Here's what I had to say:

"Please begin by discovering what it means for your son. My three sons and I have autism spectrum challenges and we are as different as we are alike. 

"He is an individual who needs to acquire the awareness of the skill gaps he has that make more difficult the results he wants to create.

"Begin teaching to those gaps with a sense of adventure instead of through the lens of a disability that needs correction. It's empowering to see himself as a treasure hunter in search of discovering new strategies versus a broken child.

"His life will likely be difficult growing up in a world slow to accept individual differences. The more he is comfortable in his own skin the greater his chances for attracting others to him instead of being off putting. Begin this way."

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Elisa Schmitz
What wonderful advice, Brian King . I love how you shared this. We are all unique!
Brian King
Glad you enjoyed it Elisa
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
What a beautiful perspective! Thanks for sharing. A great message for all parents of children on the spectrum, but also a great message for anyone who is touched by autism!
Brian King
So glad you like it Mindy. My sons and I have ASD and ADHD. I strive to bridge the gap between us and the rest of the world.
Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP
Thank you for being so open and sharing your story. I have worked with children with ASD and ADHD for many years. Your perspective is very interesting.
Brian King
My perspective definitely differentiates me. The teens in particular respond much better to my approach.
When I heard the diagnosis I had a sense of relief but also allowed myself to grieve. I drove to a parking lot and had a good cry. I am still navigating this adventure (slowly and with unsteady legs) but at least it’s a more informed one! Thank you for sharing Brian!
Brian King
Please let me know how I can support you Renee

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