Death & Rebirth Are Daily Choices: Here's How to Give Life to What's New by Stephanie Cannoe

6 years ago

Death & Rebirth Are Daily Choices: Here's How to Give Life to What's New

The last four months have felt like an eternal waiting period. My current work situation has been trying my patience and sense of self. I am that person that supports and inspires others; I'm the idea person that often goes unrecognized in a culture that rewards “me firsts.” The norm is to put yourself out front and ahead of the group, while I see those that are struggling to keep up.

I respect leaders who still believe the spiritual principle to treat others as you'd like to be treated. Who act with integrity and authenticity, which trumps stiff arming whoever is in your way. Pun intended. Politics aside, the people who recognize and appreciate my supportive style and my energy and ideas, my subtle and true strength, are my people. I find it hard at times to be in a culture that does not value humility and interconnectivity, especially as a woman because that is the essence of feminine energy. To birth life.

There is value in allowing life to move through you and to be a leader by example, not force. I have had to leave behind unwanted baggage that I carry from the past. I've had to sit with and face myself. What do I need to let go of? What way of thinking and being, without checking in with who I am to see if that's who I am now and who I want to be, has run its course? What is different and new that is guiding me forward? What are the signs and which direction do I head in next? I find these are the daily questions that I struggle with and that I need to stretch and pull to mold into shape.

I want to be the leader that leads by principle and right action and with integrity, authenticity, humility, compassion and grace. In a world full of suffering this is the most challenging spiritual trial and journey of my life and it is a choice that I have to make every day. And in the uncertainty of the bends in the road, I continue to face my human limitations and my sorrow. Everywhere I look I see leaders that lack integrity being rewarded, which is discouraging and disempowering to people like me. I have been brought to my knees, but maybe that is the point – it is always in our humility that humanity exists. The way of the heart.

What I invite you to consider is to look to the values you hold close and choose who you want to become. Look to the wonderful new things and ways of being that support, your truth and vision. Leave behind what is dead. Death is an opportunity to recreate yourself. Give life to what is to become the new you. We can all make a difference … every day.

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Donna John
You write so beautifully, Stephanie Cannoe , and from the heart.
Stephanie Cannoe
Donna John That is the highest compliment I can receive. Thank you. ❤
Elisa Schmitz
"Leave behind what is dead. Death is an opportunity to recreate yourself." Wow, so powerful. You are truly inspirational, Stephanie Cannoe . Your writing moves me. Thank you for all you share with us!
Stephanie Cannoe
Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds Thank you as always for the encouragement and support. You make this all possible. You inspire me! ❤
Mike Prochaska
Love how u say be a leader by example. Great read for Monday morning
Stephanie Cannoe
Mike Prochaska Happy to help make a rainy (at least for me) Monday a little less bleak. Gives me a focus for the week.
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing.....

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