Prioritize & Energize: 2 Mindful Activities to Do Daily That Take Less Than 10 Minutes by Marge Jesberger

6 years ago

Prioritize & Energize: 2 Mindful Activities to Do Daily That Take Less Than 10 Minutes

Every day, I do two things for myself. First, I jot down a few lines about the events or my feelings on a particular day. Instead of writing, "Got up and went to work, fixed supper" etc., I try to observe my surroundings. An entry into my journal might say, "Watched a squirrel climb to the highest branch of our oak tree. It had no fear of falling." You can write your own digitally or buy a journal that fits your needs. 

The second thing I do is read an inspirational quote for the day. One book I use is "Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much” by Anne Wilson Schaef. You can find these quotes on calendars or online. Both of these activities take only 10 minutes and helps me prioritize and energize.

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Elisa Schmitz
I love that you observe life in such a present and mindful way, Marge Jesberger ! I need to work on getting out of my head and being in the moment more often!! 🙏
Sheri B Doyle
I love your idea of recording things in your journal like squirrels. Everyday I try to write a thought about a passion I have, something I want to try or do or have learned which can help my passion grow. It helps me to keep focused on what is important and not get lost in the mundane tasks of life. It also helps train my brain that my creativity is important and needs space and time.
Tiffany Zook
This is a great tool to do this as a family. It would be interesting to see what the kids write down each day.
Mike Prochaska
Good ideas both u can do fast.. most liked while in bathroom lol
Cynthia Miller
Great tip, thank you Marge Jesberger! I love the idea of answering the "what I did today" question by focusing on what you observed. Brilliant. It's a way to get ourselves into the present moment, and be present. Appreciate the share, I'm about to tweet it! :)

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