How to Find Joy in Your Life: Why You Should Create a Joy Toolbox! by Annie Burnside

4 years ago

How to Find Joy in Your Life: Why You Should Create a Joy Toolbox!

I encourage all parents to create a joy toolbox of simple pleasures that can be easily accessed when either a moment of free time appears or as a means to ignite passion and inspiration into the mundane. We are responsible for our reality; our state of being determines how we interact with the world. 

A few of my JOY tools include: 

  • lounge chair in my backyard that moves according to my desire for sun or shade. Often my journal enhances this time.
  • Music available in most rooms (even the laundry room).
  • A favorite park bench.
  • Dancing.
  • A daily walk flexible in time and direction.

Say YES to JOY! 

What's your your joy toolbox?

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This is a great idea no matter if you are a Mom or not :D
Kristen Tate
Awesome idea. I'm going to get the hubby involved as well.
Donna John
Music is always in my joy toolbox. And right now, opening the sunroof in the car and cranking the radio tops my toolbox list ... especially going 80 on the freeway. :-) And wine. Always wine. lol
Elisa Schmitz
This is beautiful, Annie Burnside . I find joy in music: upbeat when I wake up in the morning and calming at night before bed. I also love my yoga class and meditation (though I need to work on doing it more). Thank you for this inspiration!

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