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4 years ago
Work the Night Shift? Study Reveals Possible Increased Cancer Risk! Read This!

If you are a female and working the night shift, a study by Sichuan University in China reported an increased cancer risk. Night shift or irregular nights had been associated with poor health, partly due to the disruption of our circadian rhythm, which in turn affects brain wave activity, hormone production and cell regeneration.

The researchers conducted analysis of 61 studies, and found that women who worked long-term night shifts were at 19 percent increased cancer risk. There was also a 41 percent increased risk for skin cancer, 32 percent increased risk for breast cancer and 18 percent for gastrointestinal cancer. This showed that further studies are needed in order to offer protective and proactive measures for women who work the night shift.

WebMD offers tips to help those who work the night shift sleep better:

  • Try not to work a number of night shifts in a row.
  • Avoid frequently rotating shifts.
  • Keep your workplace brightly lighted to promote alertness.
  • Avoid bright lights on way back home.
  • Black out the bedroom when you sleep during the day.

If you have concerns on the effects of the night shift on your health, speak to your doctor. Read more about night shifts and cancer risk via MNT!

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Mei Marcie
Thanks Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds and hope that there would be preventive measures for those ladies who have to work night shift!

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