Are You Nuts for Nuts? Here's Why You Should Be - Especially Pistachios! by Bernice Wood

3 years ago
Are You Nuts for Nuts? Here's Why You Should Be - Especially Pistachios!

We used to think that nuts were fattening, but now we know better. Research shows that most nuts are filled with good fats, and a proper serving size can help curb your appetite and even help keep your blood sugar more even. The key word here is "moderation." A serving is typically only about half a handful, so be sure to not overdo it. 

We love pistachios because you can eat about 40 pistachios for a serving! Make sure you eat raw or dry roasted, because you don't want the extra calories from roasting in oil. Pistachios, anyone?

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Donna John
I love pistachios, @bernicewood. Because of the shell, too, you tend to eat them slower. Love them with a glass or red wine.

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