Wear Dentures? Here's Nutrition Information All Denture Wearers Should Know by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

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5 years ago

Wear Dentures? Here's Nutrition Information All Denture Wearers Should Know

You should never overlook the difficulty some people may face when it comes to tooth loss and wearing dentures. The human adult is supposed to have a total of 32 teeth. But as you age, or have mishaps, you may lose teeth and wear dentures to make up for that loss.

The reduced bite force that may result from wearing dentures may cause an inability to chew certain fruits and vegetables, which in turn may lead to poor health and diseases. Foods usually avoided by denture wearers include raw fruits and vegetables. These foods are very nutrient-dense, but tend to be harder and take a bit more work to chew than softer foods. You have to be able to chew effectively.

  • If you wear dentures, be aware of the foods that you currently avoid and make an effort to drink instead of chew them. Fruits like apples or certain vegetables can be blended and consumed as a drink.
  • You might also consider talking to a qualified healthcare professional about taking good quality supplements that work for you. Remember, each person is different, and you may have to vary the form of the supplement you take to reap the benefits.

Enjoy your healthy life!

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