Nature Art: How to Create Living, Breathing Art With Your Family by Stephanie Cannoe

6 years ago

Nature Art: How to Create Living, Breathing Art With Your Family

Children require your undivided attention and not because they are demanding or needy, although they may be at times. Instead, it is because they live curiously in the present moment, open and receptive to life as it is. My children are my greatest teachers in this way. We inherit this ability at birth, by embracing the acceptance of now a much deeper connection and interconnectivity to the world around us unfolds.

Oftentimes as parents, we may not want to let go of our own agenda, we have a lot that needs our attention, but to find balance we need to see what’s right in front of our eyes. Nature is a great place to start. The balance I seek is found when I soak in the beauty of the landscape and in that loving expansive awareness a renewed relationship to myself is born. This is when the magic happens.

My son and I took a nature walk the other day and when this shift occurred, I did not need to say a word. The look on his face conveyed that he knew I was finally paying attention and the sweetest moment unfolded between us. I can see that my attitude of openness and acceptance allowed him to be just as he is.

He started collecting sticks and simply stated, “Together we would create Art.” Later, we used the sticks he carefully chose to create a picture and the entire family was part of the process. Every time I look at that picture now I smile. I invite you to start a new holiday tradition this year and create a living and breathing keepsake with your family. Every child comes into this world with a message – a gift to be discovered together.

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Gail Harris
That is a beautiful sharing @scannoe. I so appreciate the clarity with which it was written. Your boys are very lucky kids. ❤️
Stephanie Cannoe
Gail Harris Thank you so much! And I am the lucky one indeed.
Gail Harris
Yea, it has to go both ways. Stephanie Cannoe . xo
Ann Marie Patitucci
What beautiful, meaningful art, Stephanie Cannoe ! And thank you for sharing the thoughts behind it.
Stephanie Cannoe
It is hanging on the wall, a memory I won't soon forget! Thank you. ♥️ Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Elisa Schmitz
I love this so much, Stephanie Cannoe . It reminds me of the days of nature walks with my kids. I kept a few of their masterpieces. But this takes it to an entirely different level. So lovely, thank you for sharing! xoxo #inspiring
Stephanie Cannoe
Aww, Thanks! Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds A very special keepsake for sure. I hope to add to the collection. 💓
Mike Prochaska
I love love love this!!! #playmatters
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing...

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