Find Your Strength: How to Climb Any Mountain – Even Kilimanjaro! by Sonia Satra

6 years ago

Going hiking? Climbing a mountain? Scaling one of the tallest peaks on the planet? Whether you're on a real mountain – or whether you're fighting to overcome something big, a metaphorical mountain, maybe – here's a tip about how to keep going:

When you think you can't, say "I can." You have more strength within you than you know. 

From Tanzania, Africa, I shared my insights on preparing for one of the biggest climbs of my life, and how to keep going even though it's tough. It's a reminder that even with preparation, planning and determination, you can still get nervous or even stuck. But when that happens, just remind yourself to take one more step. Because you can do it. You are worth it. And you will succeed

This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it.

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Elisa Schmitz
WOW! You are amazing, Sonia Satra ! "When you think you can't, say 'I can.' You have more strength within you than you know." I love this. So inspiring!! xoxo
Mike Prochaska
Wow this so awesome! I love to do this some

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