College Study Abroad & Health Care: What Students Need to Know Before Studying Abroad by Joyce Knestrick, CRNP, FAANP

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5 years ago

College Study Abroad & Health Care: What Students Need to Know Before Studying Abroad

Many colleges offer students the exciting opportunity to study abroad and immerse themselves in a foreign culture. Because health care access and quality can differ wildly between countries, here are some things college students should keep in mind:

  • Know before you go: Study up on the health-care infrastructure of the region you’ll be staying in. Find out what hospitals are like, including where they are and how much they might cost, what health risks exist in the country and what vaccinations you might need to have before going.
  • Check with your insurer: In some countries, health care may not cost you a penny. In others, however, make sure that your insurance provider covers treatment. Also find out what coverage your school provides.
  • Make a plan for your meds: Each country has its own rules and regulations about bringing foreign medicines into the country. Before you go, make sure you can bring all your medication with you or have a plan to get it once you’re there.

The U.S. Department of State also has a helpful checklist for Your Health Abroad.

Photo: Elisa All Schmitz and CJ All overlooking the Royal Palace of Madrid

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Elisa Schmitz
These are great tips, Joyce Knestrick, CRNP, FAANP ! Thank you for sharing. Wish CJ All would have seen these before he left to study abroad in Madrid (see photo). He is having the time of his life, but he did get food poisoning while on a side trip to Morocco! He does have insurance through his university, but it's scary to be sick overseas. I would also add to always be aware of your surroundings, as safety is an issue. Keep your passport with you at all times. And enjoy this amazing experience (I wish I had done it when I was in college)!

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