​Direct Primary Care: An Alternative to Health Care You Need to Know About by Mindy Hudon, M.S., CCC-SLP

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2 years ago
​Direct Primary Care: An Alternative to Health Care You Need to Know About

Physicians across the country are becoming increasingly frustrated by medical insurances dictating how they treat their patients. “Health care doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the insurance plans that drive up costs and dictate how doctors practice,” explains Dr. Kristen Xeller, owner of Quiet Corner Family Practice, a Direct Primary Care (DPC) family practice. DPC is an alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing allowing better patient care. DPC typically charges patients an annual fee that covers all or most of the patient’s primary care services. Patients should continue to acquire insurance for emergency situations requiring hospitalization or other services not covered by the retainer.

Dr. Xeller decided to switch practice models due to her frustrations with limited time with patients due to overbooked schedules, the pressure of adding new patients, numerous after hours insurance paperwork and its impact on her family life. Physicians want a trusting relationship with their patients and with DPC they’re able to provide patients with exceptional quality of care without insurance mandates. Here are some advantages of DPC:

  • Accessibility to physicians
  • Consistency of care
  • Direct email, phone and/or text with your physician
  • Longer office visits
  • Helps decrease emergency room visits
  • Improved quality of care

Learn more by visiting QuietCornerFamilyPractice.com

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