How Chanting While Breastfeeding Makes Life Easier for You & Baby! by Nicole DeAvilla

Breastfeeding Mindfulness
4 months ago
How Chanting While Breastfeeding Makes Life Easier for You & Baby!

As a new mother up once a gain in the middle of the night and unable to practice my usual yoga, I made a decision that changed my life for the better. I thought that even if I couldn't do my regular practice, there were still lots of yoga techniques that I could do – even while breastfeeding. I started with a practice called Chanting Aum at the Chakras (yoga energy centers). I thought about what I had learned from yoga philosophy and began to apply it to my life. A lot of yoga is about your mental game. So, breastfeeding gave me lots of time to contemplate and put into action what I had been learning. These are the results that I experienced and you can, too!

  • Uplifted mood
  • Less reactive to triggering situations
  • Calmer
  • More energy

And a side benefit to all of this is that breastfeeding becomes easier and more enjoyable for you and your baby!

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2 Minute Yoga
Lifestyle yoga is very powerful!

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