Ningxia Wolfberry: Why You Should Eat Lots of This Type of Goji Berry! by 3 SpOILed Sisters

4 months ago
Ningxia Wolfberry: Why You Should Eat Lots of This Type of Goji Berry!

Do you eat like a bird? Me, too! But I have a tip! After feeling sluggish for years I decided to investigate how I could boost my energy and health. My answer was goji berries. With research I chose the ningxia wolfberry, harvested in China where it has the most suitable growing environment and has been certified organic by the U.S. 

If you are familiar with whole foods and essential oils, you understand how important growing environment is when seeking health benefits. The ningxia wolfberry is known as the greatest super fruit due to its high antioxidant levels. Many people are familiar with a pomegranate's antioxidant benefits, but the wolfberry has triple the levels! This equals whole-body health! Talk about amazing! I gobble them up!

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3 SpOILed Sisters
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Meredith Schneider
So need to get these to help on those days I need an extra boost of energy! Especially now in the summer with all 4 kids home from school and mom taxi still in full service. LOL!

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