The Ubiquitous Cellphone: 5 Steps to Communicate Well Face to Face! by Nancy Dafoe

6 years ago

The Ubiquitous Cellphone: 5 Steps to Communicate Well Face to Face!

A photo circulating on Facebook shows a group of young women standing together, but all with their faces cast down as they scan cell phones. Ever-present cell phones may now be the norm, but everyone tuned in to cell phones and away from each other is disquieting. One way to experience mindfulness is to fully engage with another. It is a skill we seem to be losing.

  • Listen to the other person even if it is a topic that does not interest you. 
  • Focus on that person and what he or she is saying in the moment. 
  • Consider what is behind the person’s words – emotions, ideas that may be discerned even below articulation. 
  • Resist the urge to interrupt or respond too quickly or with a pat answer. 
  • Allow the other person time to reflect and restate before countering or offering feedback.

Let's reconnect!

Elisa Schmitz
Amen, Nancy Dafoe ! I was in a Starbucks the other day ad saw two young women "having coffee" together. What they were really doing was sitting across the table from each other, communicating with other people on their mobile phones (and actually laughing out loud, Snapchatting selfies, etc) and not bringing the other in on the jokes. I couldn't believe it when literally 5 or 10 minutes went by without either one raising her head. What was the point of being there together, LOL!
Nancy Dafoe
I was in a restaurant one night and saw a couple sitting across from each other on their cell phones. Not once did they look up and engage with each other. I decided they had either been married a very, very long time, or were in separate emergencies and separate worlds.
Donna John
I sat in my doctor's office a couple week's ago and watched everyone in that office waiting room - about 15 people - ALL looking down at their phones. It was almost comical. I decided to buck the system and watched the health news being shown on the TV. Got some great ideas for tips while doing it, too! :-) Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds Nancy Dafoe
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes! When we go out to dinner as a family we never let the boys bring electronics with us and my husband and I try to resist the urge to look at our phones. It always makes us sad to see families out to dinner looking at their devices instead of talking to each other. I hate to think that we're failing as a society at being present with each other. Thanks for bringing awareness, Nancy Dafoe!
Nancy Dafoe
You set so many good examples for your sons.
Ann Marie Patitucci
I try. I'm certainly a work in progress! I appreciate communities like this one where it's okay to share our parenting challenges as well as successes.

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