Can You Be Healthy & Obese? Here's What a Study Found! by Mei Marcie

Can You Be Healthy & Obese? Here's What a Study Found!

With some studies previously pointing out that being obese did not equate to being unhealthy, researchers from the University of Birmingham set out to examine whether obese people (body mass index of 30 and over) with normal metabolic levels (categorized by normal blood pressure and cholesterol and no diabetes) were at higher risk of cardiovascular conditions. It turned out that compared to healthy people of a normal weight, those regarded as healthy and obese had:

  • a 49 percent increased risk of coronary heart disease
  • a 7 percent higher risk of stroke
  • a 96 percent increased risk of heart failure

The lead author concluded that healthy obese is a myth, as these individuals are still at higher risk of coronary heart and cerebrovascular conditions. Weight loss for obese individuals should be encouraged.

Read more about this study via MNT here

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Heart Disease & Obesity: Here's How Your Family Can Fight Back!

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