Heart Disease & Obesity: Here's How Your Family Can Fight Back! by Dr. Josephine Dlugopolski - Gach

Heart Disease & Obesity: Here's How Your Family Can Fight Back!

Obesity can be a risk factor for heart disease. Fat can secrete hormones that promote heart disease and also lead to diabetes. A way to battle the fat hormones and stay healthy is to exercise. The American Heart Association recommends that each week, a person should have:

  • 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity
  • 75 minutes of vigorous activity 
  • or a combination of both

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym or run a marathon. Try a family walk or a game of basketball. It’s also good to do muscle-strengthening activities two or more days a week.

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Meredith Schneider
Love this tip! Super important and exacting what I share with my clients. People think they have to kill them selves in the gym and you don't. ❤️💪

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