MELT Method: Sue Hitzmann Shows You How to Train Like a "Fascia-nista!" by Sandy Greiner, NCPT

6 years ago

MELT Method: Sue Hitzmann Shows You How to Train Like a "Fascia-nista!"

Fascia, a mesh-like substance, lies just beneath the skin and shrink wraps your entire structure. It interweaves through and around bones, muscles and organs. Fascia acts as a secondary nervous system with 10 times more nerve endings than muscle. It protects you from injury by maintaining proper joint alignment. 

When fascia is injured it becomes thick, shortened and stuck like glue to muscle, ligaments or other fascia. This wrecks havoc on the entire body and is the cause of some of what we think is muscle pain. MELT Method is a self facial release method by Sue Hitzmann that can rehydrate, realign and release the restrictions caused by fascia adhesions. This simple five-minute technique can be accomplished at home to release, restore, refresh, rehydrate and realign the body.

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