Yoga & Mental Decline: Why Yoga May Be Good for Your Brain! by Nicole DeAvilla

Yoga & Mental Decline: Why Yoga May Be Good for Your Brain!

Do you ever worry that forgetting names or losing your car keys may be a sign that your brain isn’t functioning so well? A certain amount of forgetfulness with age is normal. With dementia on the rise it is good to know that there are actions we can take to prevent or lessen cognitive declines. 

Researchers at UCLA wanted to learn how to reverse or slow down cognitive decline in middle age and older people. They looked at combining movement with mediation, and were surprised to find that a yoga and meditation practice far exceeded the brain benefits compared to a well-established brain-training program. Both groups performed better on most tests, however, only the yoga group showed improvements in mood and visuospatial memory, which helps in preventing falls and other navigation functions. The study was published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

Read more about the brain and yoga via The New York Times

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I love yoga. So good to know it has even more benefits than I realized! Nicole DeAvilla
Nicole DeAvilla
Exactly! I am going to tell my yoga therapy clients about this study.
Kim Kusiciel
I just told my mom about this. I want her to start small and add some yoga to her life. Thank you for sharing. Your tip is on Pinterest @NicoleDeAvilla. Check it out here:
Nicole DeAvilla
Thanks Kim! Let me know if I can help you support your mom with 2 Minute Yoga. Here is a chair yoga sequence I have on YouTube which is great place to start:

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