Mental Health Stigma: How to Find Common Ground & Get Healthy by Stephanie Cannoe

Mental Health
5 years ago
Mental Health Stigma: How to Find Common Ground & Get Healthy

A mental health diagnosis is empowering. You learn that you are not alone and recovery is possible, and that there is no longer the question, "What is wrong with me?" We have all had a cold, which is manageable without medication. However, when that cold is a symptom of a more serious illness, then we need to address a much more complicated problem, similar to: 

  • debilitating anxiety
  • depression
  • psychosis
  • any mental health symptom that impacts an individual’s ability to function daily

Seek to understand the complexity of the illness and don’t assume that someone with a mental health diagnosis is dis-empowered, uneducated or unenlightened. Instead, engage in a conversation and ask questions to broaden your perspective. Mental health stigma is the problem, not the treatment plan.

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Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for highlighting this very important topic, Stephanie Cannoe !
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Spot on, Stephanie Cannoe ! Thanks for helping to remove the mystery and stigma about mental illness!
Stephanie Cannoe
Thank you! This tip was triggered by an interaction with a women who is dedicated to spiritual growth, yet is equally stigmatizing in her underlying personal views. Mental Health stigma is a challenge for us all to overcome.

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