Chayote: Why This Superfood Should Be a Staple on Your Table! by Joy Stephenson-Laws JD

6 years ago

Chayote: Why This Superfood Should Be a Staple on Your Table!

Researchers often emphasize the benefits of getting vitamins and minerals from natural food sources whenever possible. Chayote provides an excellent way to do that! Chayote is a fast-growing, sun-loving, nutritious vegetable that, left untethered, can completely take over a garden, fence or tree in your yard. Not only does it taste good, taking on the flavor of the dish, but it’s also a rich source of nutrients such as:

  • vitamin C (15.6 mg)
  • vitamin K (8.3 mcg)
  • vitamin B3 (1 mg)
  • vitamin B6 (.2 mg)
  • folate (189 mcg)
  • fiber (3 g)
  • zinc (1.5 mg)
  • copper (.2 mg)
  • manganese (.4 mg)
  • magnesium (24.4 mg)
  • potassium (254 mg)

These are all critical nutrients that we need to stay healthy. 

Enjoy Your Healthy Life!

Donna John
I've only cooked chayote one time, Joy Stephenson-Laws JD I had no idea how good it was for you. Will have to find some recipes to use it in. How do you cook it?
Joy Stephenson-Laws JD
Hi Donna: Here is one recipe that i have used before -; But the awesome thing about chayote is that it adapts whatever flavor you give it so i have curried it before or use it in a dish of curried chicken etc. You should try.

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