Never Have Anything to Wear? A Psychologist May Have the Answer! by Donna John

a year ago
Never Have Anything to Wear? A Psychologist May Have the Answer!

Does it take you an hour and five outfit changes before you can leave the house? Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a NYC-based licensed clinical psychologist and founder and clinical director of Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Service, offers this advice!

“When you find it difficult to commit to an outfit choice and rapidly change outfits only to look in the mirror thinking everything looks terrible, there is certainly heightened anxiety taking place,” explains Dr. Hafeez. She adds, the problem isn’t the clothes. The problem is self-perception and mindset. “The better you feel about yourself from the inside and the more positive things you have in your life to be appreciative of, the less time you will spend on clothing choices. You’ll know exactly what you want to wear and you’ll be more than satisfied with your choice.” The solution?

  • Dr. Hafeez suggests training your mind to decide and stick to the style decision by setting an alarm for five minutes to brainstorm two options. 
  • She also encourages focusing on where you are going and the positive aspects of the anticipated experience to shift the mind off your physical appearance.

Learn more about Dr. Sanam Hafeez here!

Kim Kusiciel
This is a great suggestion. LIGHTBULB!!! I notice that on the days I feel good about myself from the inside-out, I have no trouble getting dressed. However on yucky days filled with self-doubt, I have a much harder time feeling comfortable in anything. I didn't realize the connection until right now. Thanks Donna John for posting this. I love the connections and learning that happens here.
Donna John
I'm the same way, Kim Kusiciel . It's amazing how much our thoughts affect things in our lives.

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