Could You Benefit From Therapy? 5 Ways to Tell If You Need a Therapist! by Dr. Sanam Hafeez

Could You Benefit From Therapy? 5 Ways to Tell If You Need a Therapist!

You experience something else that just rattles you to your core. You know something isn’t right, but continue living your life thinking you’ll get over it. These life scars helps us to grow and, while that is great in theory, the pain that comes with growth can take a toll on us.  Our mental health is directly connected to our physical health. Do you need a therapist? How can you tell? Here are five signs that you could benefit from therapy:

  • Risky behavior to self-soothe. You might medicate with sex, drugs or alcohol or other risky behaviors. Anytime you are escaping a problem with alcohol or drugs that's a red flag that your coping mechanisms are off.
  • You're sleeping too much or not at all. People who are grieving or sink into a depression either can't get out of bed or seek to pack their days with distractions and work.
  • Your mental self-talk is terrible and you lose time in rumination. When our mind wanders and it's to disparaging, self-loathing mental noise it's damaging and self-sabotaging.
  • You have physical manifestations that tie to grief, depression, anxiety, worry, etc. When you physically feel ill or may be sweaty, faint, jittery, when a certain situation or topic comes up that's a sign you should talk to a therapist.
  • You're neglecting responsibilities and people. When you're caught up in your own hard time you may forget to let the cat inside, participate on an important conference call, or pick the kids up at a different location. 

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Erica Hornthal
Honestly, everyone can benefit from therapy.

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