Got High Blood Pressure? Yoga May Help! Here's Why! by Nicole DeAvilla

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10 months ago
Got High Blood Pressure? Yoga May Help! Here's Why!

If you have high blood pressure, it may be time to add yoga to your daily routine. Researchers found that people with slightly elevated blood pressure who did yoga daily reduced their blood pressure. Both the control group and the study group of adults with an average age of 56 were asked to make conventional lifestyle changes such as:

  • moderate aerobic exercise
  • eating a healthier diet
  • quitting smoking

The yoga consisted of stretching, controlled breathing and meditation for one hour a day for three months. Those who practiced the yoga showed a greater reduction in blood pressure. Researchers believe that yoga may help prevent the development of hypertension and in addition gives a sense of well-being. The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the Cardiological Society of India.

Read more about this study via HealthDay here.

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