5 Tips to Help You Select the Right Bed for Your Special Needs Child by Rachel Markwood

5 Tips to Help You Select the Right Bed for Your Special Needs Child

Need a bed for your special needs child? Here are some tips!

  • What specific behavior or health condition are you trying to address for your special needs child with this bed? For example, a special needs child who has a seizure condition will need padding, while a special needs child who has had a tracheotomy the ability to raise the head of the bed by a specific number of degrees.
  • Height of the mattress: Consider a mattress height that will comfortably and safely transfer the special needs child to a wheelchair or other device for therapy.
  • How much space exists between the mattress and bed? Entrapment is a very real concern. SleepSafe Beds are designed so that the space between the side rails, head boards and foot boards and the mattress is nearly non-existent even when the mattress is compressed.
  • Bed foundation: Does the mattress need to be fixed or movable for your needs?
  • Navigate the insurance maze: Look for beds that meet specific FDA criteria. These stand a better chance of being approved.

Learn more about SleepSafe Beds here.

Teresa Deck
I never realized how important it may be to have a specific bed for my kids

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