I have 2 special needs children and I just started doing product reviews a few months ago. I got into samples to help with my income and to know what was being giving to my family and now I have found a love of it. It's a lot of fun. Never knowing what's gonna be in the box or envelope and for just a couple minutes a day I've been able to take the money I would have been spending on make up and other products for myself every month( which trust me wasn't much ) now goes toward a bill or something extra for the kids. This has become my passion I never thought I'd blog but with all the products I got and now having a lull of no samples I'm going to be taking on the blogging world by storm. Taking pictures and reviews and descriptions. Giving out website info on where I got it and how. How much if anything did it cost. Different ways of using these products plus learning about myself and my family along the way. It's been fun and even my kids get excited because they never know what will show up. Books and games and posters coloring books for the schools to stickers to beauty products and I know my son is hoping and waiting to see if he gets to test video games. My daughter is excited too. Any day I could get an email or a box could show up and not knowing what it is is half the fun so stay tuned


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