You Can Fight Something With a Smile (Can You Guess What It Is?) by Ally Ritt

4 years ago
You Can Fight Something With a Smile (Can You Guess What It Is?)

We all have bad days. In fact, sometimes I think grumpiness is contagious. I prefer to battle a bad day with something simple and easy to pass along: a smile. 

I know it’s hard to muster the strength to smile in the middle of a lousy day, but what have you got to lose besides a frown? The best part is that if you start smiling, the people around you will start smiling, too. In fact, I think smiles are more contagious than frowns! 

Before too long you may find that the bad day isn’t quite so bad after all.

Donna John
Great advice, and a great way to go into the weekend! Happy #WorldSmileDay! Ally Ritt
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Smiles are definitely contagious! I love this tip, Ally Ritt! :-)

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