Why You Need to Look Your Child in the Eyes & Say, “I Love Myself” by Gail Harris

4 years ago
Why You Need to Look Your Child in the Eyes & Say, “I Love Myself”

Sounds a bit counter-intuitive? It shouldn’t be. It’s just that, through the ages, we moms have been taught to put our own needs behind everyone else’s. But how can we truly love others, if we don’t first and foremost love ourselves? If we don’t nurture ourselves and trust our intuition, everyone suffers. And we suffer most!

And guess what? Loving yourself is a choice. Do you stop loving your child because he’s stubborn? Right now make a list of your so-called faults and then love yourself anyway. As the mom, you hold the space as wise-keeper of your home. So find self-compassion and today see your child as your mirror.

Tell him, out loud and with feeling, “I love myself. And darling, I love you, too.”

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Gail Harris
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