Chill Out This Weekend! Why You’ll Be a Better Mom, Friend & Co-Worker for It! by Gail Harris

7 years ago

Chill Out This Weekend! Why You’ll Be a Better Mom, Friend & Co-Worker for It!

Been pushing yourself lately? Me, too. So many of my mom friends and colleagues work all the time. It’s great to feel passionate about our work and kids, but taking breaks is important. Even God rested on the weekend.

With music, the rests between the notes give the melody substance. The pauses are times for us to connect with ourselves and tune into our intuition. By doing so, we'll be nurtured and refreshed. If we don’t pause – even for a few minutes – we won’t know where we’re going or what our kids need.

I think being busy is an epidemic. How about you?

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Elisa Schmitz
Amen, Gail Harris . As I type this, I’m listening to Snatam Kaur meditation music. So soothing and highly recommended!
Alexie Linn
Sometimes I have to shut it down, pour me a cup of coffee, and let the air travel through my body--just like Mama used to do after she'd declare, "I'm trying too hard". It only takes a few minutes of R&R to sort, energize, and complete the project as desired. :-)
Gail Harris
Alexie Linn . So true. Sometimes finding the present moment is all we need. Take good care.

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