Mommy Meditation: You Have to Find Time to Make It Work for You! by Kathy Shimmield

6 years ago
Mommy Meditation: You Have to Find Time to Make It Work for You!

Everywhere we look, experts are advising us to take 5 to 20 minutes for ourselves to help control stress. I don’t know about you, but I’m lucky if I can use the bathroom for a second before my kids, the dog or my husband comes looking for me. I also can tell you that on the rare days I have "found" 15 spare minutes (I won’t say 20 because that’s just crazy talk) and meditated, it's helped me stay more serene. 

Finding that time is such a challenge, though. What works for me is to not try and schedule a set time. Days change, so scheduling often doesn't work. But whatever you do, find it, Mom! It is so worth it for your peace of mind and sanity!

Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
How did you know I needed this today, Kathy Shimmield?! I appreciate the reminder, because meditation really does help, thanks.
Donna John
Ashlee Smith started meditating recently and she loves it. I plan to find the time to do it each day, too.
Jan Mostrom
I think it's so important to let other jobs go and take care of mom! Hard to do when you are a young mother but great input on just trying. Any meditation time is better than none! Thanks Kathy Shimmield!

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