Prone to Panic Attacks? This Easy Trick Might Help You Feel More in Control! by Gail Harris

Prone to Panic Attacks? This Easy Trick Might Help You Feel More in Control!

Do you worry and even panic when things get overwhelming? When we feel panicky, our breathing becomes shallow, which can make our panic worse. If this goes on long enough our nervous system can get stuck in “fight or flight” mode, which perpetuates our feelings. Then we can no longer think our way out of it; we have to breathe our way out. Here’s how: 

  • Take in a breath then exhale completely. Don’t stop until you have no air left inside.
  • Breathe in. Do this seven times with your intention always on the exhale. It will release your nervous system and you will feel more in control.

If you are worried about your panic attacks, talk to your doctor. 

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