Cradle Cap in Older Kids? Yep! Who Knew It Wasn’t Just for Babies? by Cynthia Miller

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5 years ago
Cradle Cap in Older Kids? Yep! Who Knew It Wasn’t Just for Babies?

Recently a patch of skin about the size of a quarter appeared on my 8-year-old daughter's head. It was cradle cap, which can affect older children, too! Apparently, the patch is the result of excessive production of skin cells in that small area. Our doctor recommended:

  • Shampooing with Selsun Blue (not any dandruff shampoo, just Selsun Blue)
  • Then gently nudge at the cradle cap patch with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil

We've found both of these techniques effective for removing the excess skin. Be gentle, it's an uncomfortable process for the child!

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Kim Kusiciel
My 1o and 6 year old daughters both struggle with this. It seems to go through phases based on the weather. Thanks for sharing Cynthia Miller!

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