21 Grilling Hacks for Your Memorial Day Cookout (No. 6 Is My Favorite!) by Donna John

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2 years ago

One of the best ways to kick off summer is to host a Memorial Day barbecue with your family and friends. Looking for where to start to make it perfect? The Soul Publishing’s popular 5 Minute Crafts YouTube channel shared a video of 21 creative ways to master the grill for the long weekend. Here are a few of their genius grilling tips:

1. Rosemary Kebabs: Rosemary kebabs can simply be made by using a rosemary branch and sliding your choice of veggies and protein. Not only are you reducing waste, but the rosemary aroma will definitely uplift the flavor of anything your put on your kebab.

2. Serving Condiments: Grab your muffin tins from the pantry and bring it outside to create a condiments bar. Add a variety of condiments in each section to keep things less messy and in one place for your guests.

3. Cooking Fish: Planning on adding to fish to the grill? Adding lemon slices will not only infuse the flavor, but it’ll also save your fish from sticking to the grill and ending up in shreds.

4. Onion Burgers: If you enjoy onions on your burger, try adding the protein in the center of an onion ring. This will keep your burgers nice and juicy.

5. Kebab Sticks: If your guests request a variety of proteins grilled, adding two kebab sticks on the ends of the protein and stacking them will get more grilled efficiently.

6. Personalize It: This one is my favorite! Write the person's name and how their burger or steak is prepared (well done, rare, etc.) in the condiment of their choice (ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, etc.) on the bun or plate. This hack is dedicated to my mother-in-law who won't eat venison burgers.

Be sure to check out the other 16 barbecue hacks.

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Photos: Courtesy of The Soul Publishing.

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Julie Rose
This is awesome. 🔥
What great grilling ideas!
Elisa Schmitz
Fantastic grilling hacks. I love the condiments in a muffin tin. How simple and convenient!

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