Apothic Brew: Red Wine Infused With Coffee? Yes, Please! by Jessica Acree

5 years ago

Apothic Brew: Red Wine Infused With Coffee? Yes, Please!

Trusted winemaker Apothic is uncorking a first-of-its-kind effort. A boldly crafted special release that combines two of my favorite beverages into one!

Red Wine + Coffee = Mind Blown

Apothic Brew is a limited edition red blend infused with cold brew coffee. Take a moment and let that soak in. This is not fake news. According to the Apothic website, it will give the appreciator flavor notes of coffee, red fruit and toasted oak.

Born from a passion for coffee, the unique offering will have caffeine as you might expect, but it'll be less than a standard cup of coffee. Indulging in a glass of Apothic Brew will be all about enjoying a cozy red with the comforting essence of coffee, not necessarily the eye-opening jolt it brings in the morning. Rich and smooth.

Apothic Brew hits store shelves in April 2018. Will it be on your shopping list? Cheers!

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Donna John
You know, it's weird, I'm not a coffee drink (don't like it), but I really like red wines with back notes of coffee. Definitely going to try this, Jessica Acree . Another favorite of mine right now (no coffee involved!) is Cooper & Thief Red Blend, and J. Lohr Cab is a good inexpensive wine.
Jessica Acree
NOT a coffee drinker?! *picks jaw up off floor* ;-) I never was either until I birthed a child, lol I love Apothic Red, curious about this new one but hope it’s not bitter! My wine little rack has just one bottle right now... 😆
Donna John
Nope. Can't stand the taste, even if it's over-the-top sweetened up. But I do love the smell! I'm a chai tea drinker. I buy Apothic Red. It's good.
Jessica Acree
Donna John Oooo I do love a good Chai Tea! ☕️
Elisa Schmitz
Say what?! Um, yeah ... we'll be trying this. Thanks for the heads up, Jessica Acree !
Jessica Acree
I am hopeful! You’re welcome :)
Mike Prochaska
Cofeee and wine nice!
Jessica Acree
Maybe it goes together just like PB&J.... :)
Dieter Schmitz
Only one question Jessica Acree: "Can I get chocolate with that??"
Jessica Acree
Dieter Schmitz ALWAYS! :) haha I bet it's even better with this one...
Cassandra Lee Jones
I have always been an Apothic fangirl! I have red,white and crush on my table right now! I can't wait to try brew.
Jessica Acree
I haven't given it a try yet, but I agree - Apothic Red is a solid go-to for my husband and I, it's one we can both share and enjoy despite having different tastes!

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