We all long to be FIT, but what does that really mean? Many of us initially set out to lose a few pounds of fat so that we might feel and look better. Our reasons for wanting to improve are as varied as the individuals seeking change. Perhaps it's a big event that we want to look our best for. Maybe we've had a health crisis that jarred us into an awakening of sorts, creating urgency surrounding our need to make lifestyle alterations. Whatever the reason, one thing I can state with undeniable certainty is that if you aren't committed to it for the long-term, your success will be fleeting.

It's really a heart level matter. It transcends the physical and goes more to the spiritual and emotional. Sustainability is found in our unwavering desire to want to be our best so that we might positively influence those around us; those we love as well as those who may be inspired simply by how we show up in the world.

It's never too late to take a step toward renewal. Examine your motives. Discover your all empowering why. I'm here if you need me. I'm happy to guide.

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