Daily Affirmations: A Great Way to Start Building Character & Confidence in Your Children by Jonathan Oliver

Daily Affirmations: A Great Way to Start Building Character & Confidence in Your Children

This how we have started our morning since my daughter, Journey, was 6 months old (my youngest daughter, Justice, is now 6 months and I am starting to do the same with her): Journey starts her morning by yelling the sweet words, "Daddy, come get me!!!" Then she uses the bathroom, brushes her teeth, washes her face and takes her vitamins. Then Journey and Daddy make eye contact in the mirror and we start our daily affirmations. Journey learned a prayer at school that she likes to say before we start our affirmations: 

"God our Father, God our Father. We bow our heads and thank you, amen, amen. Thank you, Jesus, for this day. We are going to use it in every way.

Journey is peace.
Journey is love.
Journey is joy.
Journey is patience.
Journey is goodness.
Journey is faithfulness.
Journey is kindness.
Journey is gentleness. 
Journey is compassionate. 
Journey is a child of God.
Journey is black. 
Journey is beautiful. 
Journey is strong. 
Journey is a girl .
Journey is a big sister. 
Journey can fall down and get back up again. 
Journey is love by her mommy and daddy just because she is their daughter."

Are we going to have a great day? Then let’s do it to it!!

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Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
I have tears in my eyes, Jonathan Oliver . This is so beautiful. Many thanks for sharing your inspiring routine. Your daughters are so lucky to have you as their father. They will grow into empowered young women. More girls need to have this amazing start to their day!
Jonathan Oliver
Thank you for the kind words.
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Oh, how I love this. What a beautiful gift to your daughters, Jonathan Oliver ! Thanks for sharing it w/ us.
Jonathan Oliver
My pleasure. Thank you.
Michael Kennedy
Amazing Johnathan. Having two daughters and a son, I will try to fold these words into our lives and keep our eye on the ball as life rushes by, thanks for an incredible reminder how each day is a new day, a unique day and a powerful day.
Jonathan Oliver
All we can do is our best for each day. Thank you.

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