Paul T. Mannion is a Business Development Advisor and Private Investor. He also has decades of experience in the banking industry. Paul attended the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond where he excelled in Finance and Accounting. Paul went on to study at the Georgia State School of Law and the NYU Stern School of Business. Paul Mannion initially began working on Wall Street. He learned how to navigate the challenging banking industry while working for arguably the best brokerage firms in the world. Paul lives in Duluth, GA, with his family.

Paul Mannion is a passionate real estate investor as well. In this role, Mannion assists other by serving on the boards of some early-stage companies. He works with brand new CEOs to help them navigate the terrain as they try to become profitable. His network is a critical part of his success, and he shares it with others.

Paul Mannion is an active and avid blogger. Mannion blogs about topics such as real estate, business, and professional overview topics. Paul has recently blogged about topics such as what are the best states in which to buy a home, the impact of climate change on real estate, and the importance of mentorship to a business! Be sure to check out his websites: , , and to stay up to date with the latest content!

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